Best Design Storage Bed Queen

Storage bed queen – Storage is important for any homeowner. Adding storage to your home provides organization and peace of mind. A popular place to put items is under the bed, but this can result in clutter.  Measure the length and width of your bed. If you still do not have a bed and you are trying to make a storage bed, get the typical measurements for the size of the bed you would like, a twin, full, queen or king.

Decide how much storage you would like for your bed. Typically, storage beds have a set of buckets or drawers on one side so that the bed can be pushed against the wall. You can also have storage on both sides of the bed, while you keep the bed away from the wall. Take full measurements of the areas where you want storage.

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Decide if you want storage cubes or storage drawers under your bed. Buy enough drawers or cubes to fill up the amount of space that you have previously measured. Take them home and ride them. Set up the cubes or drawers mounted on your bed will be. Because drawers and cubes are not meant to support the weight of a whole bed, you need to put a sheet of plywood on top of the cubes or drawers. For beds larger than double, you need two sheets of plywood.